You are a leader

Leadership is Not What You Think

Leadership is one of the most studied and talked about subjects on the planet, but we often times miss the mark. It can be such a wide topic that people will often find their niche and hold true to the ideas and principles of that niche. This is often fine for their particular point whether it is goal setting, time or people management, or a number of other “solutions” managers and bosses often find they need help learning. The problem with leadership is that very few have ever touched on the base of it.

Don’t Worry About What You Do

Leadership isn’t a task or a principle; it’s a calling. Oddly enough though, it’s a calling that ALL people are called to be. We forget that, if we ever even knew it, whenever we are viewing it from a perspective of occupation. Occupational leadership is important to improve on, and I don’t want to take anything away from leaders in industry. My stance on leadership, however, comes from one of simply being alive.

I have 4 kids who are all very young and each have a different personality. My oldest, as most oldest do, has taken the stance of the leader of the other children. Her heart and mind decided long ago that she would take care of her siblings, help teach them how to do things she has learned, and even protect them when necessary. Fine qualities in a leader for sure, but how many people would view a 7 year old girl a leader in her family?

My wife and a few of her friends, who all have college degrees by the way, are stay at home moms. The world looks in on their lives as though they are wasting away with nothing to look forward to, but if you ask them, they’re fulfilling the role they’ve been called to be, leaders to their kids, each other, and other ladies throughout the church.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the men. I, most recently, didn’t have an official leadership position at my work. Much like my daughter, the role I held wasn’t seen as a leader. This is where most people lose focus of leadership. Did I manage anyone? Not officially, no. Did I have knowledge that other people could use? Of course. Was I a person who knew how to do some things that others couldn’t figure out? Yep. Was I able to not be in a leadership position and still lead others? Absolutely!

What’s Your Opportunity?

We can’t miss the opportunities in our lives to be leaders to other people. Leadership is positional but not in the way many people often think. We often think of it as a position in a company, but my oldest daughter was put in a position of being the oldest child where she can lead her younger siblings. My wife has been put in a position of being my helper who helps me and leads our children, her friends, and other ladies at church. I was put in a position of husband, father, worker, colleague, and friend. All positions that have a certain level of leadership attached to them.

What is Leadership to You?

We all have something to contribute, and that is where our leadership position comes into play. You don’t have to be the CEO to be a leader. You can lead right where you are today. My primary position on leadership is servant leadership, and being a servant is something we can all do. What is leadership to you?

Parker Waldrop

Parker Waldrop has taken every opportunity in his career to train & develop others. With over 15 years of training & development experience, he has trained hundreds of employees, leaders, and students in a variety of areas of expertise. With a heart to please God, Parker has found his calling of helping develop others and help them follow their passion.

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