Prioritize Your Goals

Yesterday we learned about setting goals for our plan. Today we want to take a few steps to add priorities to goals so you can be sure to accomplish them, achieve your mission, and live out your vision.

Categorize your Priorities

If you have your goals written as I suggested, go ahead and pull them out so you can look at them. As you read them, see if you can find a commonality between any of them. You’ll probably see that your goals fall into a category. For me, my goals fall into 3 categories:

  • Spiritual/God related
  • Family/Friends related
  • Self/Work related

These 3 categories are how I’m going to set my priorities. Your categories need to be in order based on importance than you. Whichever categories are most important to you are how you’ll utilize them to complete your goals. You can have several categories, but I suggest no more than 5-10. Any more than that makes it difficult to arrange and prioritize.


How to Set Your Goals

As you have your goals out in front of you, take a look and start putting all of your goals into order by deadline date or your “Time-Bound” dates. As you start laying them out in date order, soonest needing to be completed first, see if you can also place them in order based on their category order as well. Your priorities are important here. Since you have priorities in place now, you can write your goals in order based on those so you can complete them first.

If you skip a priority goal because it may be too difficult, you probably won’t go back to it. This is how difficult goals get skipped. When you know it’s a priority above the others, you’ll understand the importance to get it done.


Write Them Down

As we’ve done with everything else: vision statement, mission statement, and goals, you’ll want to write your goals according to priority. Each day or possibly week, you’ll want to plan ahead. Write down your priorities that need to be completed or worked on. If you use a journal/planner, make sure you look at it in the mornings before your day really starts. If you use sticky notes, place them where you can see them as you get ready in the morning. Whatever you use, make sure you look at it every day. This single habit will allow you to know your goals, remember your priorities, and achieve your mission in life for your vision.

While it’s a little expensive compared to other planners, I highly recommend using the SELF Journal for goals and productivity. This is probably the #1 productivity planner on the market and for good reason. The layout is perfect for priorities and achieving goals. If you need a place to start, check it out here on Amazon (referral link):


Live Out Your Vision

I’ve given you 4 simple steps to creating a plan for any area in your life personally or professionally.

  1. Start with the end in mind – Write out your Vision Statement.
  2. Figure out HOW you’ll achieve your vision – Write out your Mission Statement.
  3. Break your Mission down into clear achievable objectives – Write out your SMART Goals.
  4. Prioritize your goals into categories so you know the order your goals should be achieved.

Using these simple steps, I believe you can develop a masterful plan on how to live out your vision in your personal life, business/corporate world, and most importantly your spiritual life.


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