How do you Accomplish your Vision?

Congratulations on completing your vision statement in day 2! Now that you know your vision for your life, you need to figure out how to get there. The first step is to develop your mission statement. This is probably the most difficult step of creating a plan, but it is worth every minute you spend.


Start with a rough draft

The best way to write a mission statement is to start by writing down qualities about you. I like to always start with 4 areas:

  1. Core Values and Principles
  2. Skills and Talents
  3. Personality Traits
  4. Previous Experiences

Make a list, a long list, of each of these categories and then find the ones you really resonate with and want to use in your mission statement. After you have your words, simply write out how you can use each characteristic to achieve your vision. It doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy, yet; we will get there soon enough.

Sleep on It

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing a mission statement is they rush through the process. In today’s microwave society, we want to be able to write something as important as a mission statement in an instant. Unfortunately, if you do this, you won’t have a mission statement that truly resonates who you are and what you want to achieve.

To slow the process down, I suggest you write out a rough draft, or even several different ones and then leave them where ever you wrote them. After a good nights sleep, in the morning, go back over the drafts and evaluate what you wrote down. It’s important to do this in the morning because your mind is most creative and less cluttered with every thing that has happened throughout the day. As you read your drafts, start making notes and revisions.

Rinse and Repeat your Mission

Now that you’ve written your draft, slept on it, and revised it, go back and do the process over again. Your mission statement should resonate with you completely. If you have any doubt about your mission statement and you aren’t positive it gives you a clear and concise way to achieve your vision, you need to revise it until it does.

Constant revision is one reason this process takes so long. It allows you to produce something pure and an accurate representation of yourself. When you feel you’ve reached that point, then you’ve finally completed your mission statement! Congratulations!


Because this process will take several days (or possibly weeks or even months), don’t worry about having a completed statement before you come back for Day 4 of your Word of the Week – Planning. We will go into more planning details that won’t rely on having a mission statement completed in Day 4. Until then, start your list of characteristics and your mission statement rough draft.

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Parker Waldrop

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