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I want to thank you for supporting me in my journey to developing great leaders such as yourself. Many of you read every article I have written over the last few years, and some of you signed up for the free book giveaway. I appreciate all of you but want to give you the opportunity to clean out your inbox, at least from my emails, if you no longer want to receive my posts.

By the end of this week, I am going to remove all subscribers from my 2018 email list and start clean. I’m going to do this so anyone who is no longer interested but doesn’t want to take the time to unsubscribe, doesn’t have too.

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I want everyone to renew their 2019 and be intentional with what happens this year. I think it’s important to wipe the slate from time to time.

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You are a leader, and it’s your responsibility to develop yourself and those you lead.

Be blessed my friends!

Parker Waldrop

Parker Waldrop has taken every opportunity in his career to train & develop others. With over 15 years of training & development experience, he has trained hundreds of employees, leaders, and students in a variety of areas of expertise. With a heart to please God, Parker has found his calling of helping develop others and help them follow their passion.