Budgeting Is Not A Bad Word

I can’t tell you how often I get a bad look when I mention budgeting to people. It’s not because I talk about it that often, but because there is such a negative connotation around the word. Budgeting is not a bad word, and I want you to keep an open mind as I explain why.

So many times, budgeting gets a bad reputation because people say that they don’t have money in the budget to do something fun or to buy something they really want. What you don’t see from those people, many times, is the positive impact budgeting is doing in their financial lives and on their stress levels (most of the time).


Free from Slavery

One thing budgeting did in our lives is it freed us from the slavery of having to pay a bank or a financial institution (read Government owned loans here). When you owe someone else money, you are a slave to that person/organization (Proverbs 22:7).

When you budget your money, you might still owe them money, but you repay with all the left over money you have in the budget and you get out from under them as fast as possible. A lot of people might forget to pay their debts or their bills, but with a budget, you know are practically forced to remember to pay them all. This is more freeing than stressful.


How to Budget

Throughout the rest of this series, I’m going to show you simple techniques to budget and live by that budget in the future. Come back to session 2 with a pencil and paper ready to start budgeting. If you can have your monthly income and your monthly expenses ready, that will help out a lot as well. Until next time, have a blessed day.

Budgeting WOTW

Parker Waldrop

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