Our men’s group and study at church really played a part in finding how I was broken.

If you follow me much on my Facebook page, you know I’m a huge fan and believer in the Redefine Rich idea by Matt Ham. He found an acronym inside “RICH,” and realize your broken is the first letter of said acronym.

One of the things I struggled with for the longest time was trying to figure out how exactly I was broken. Matt challenged me and other friends to state how we were broken, but I couldn’t place my finger on it.

I understand I’m broken, as is everyone, as a sinner who is saved by grace provided by Christ, but I didn’t have a broken story. I couldn’t tell you of a time when I actually felt broken.


Broken doesn’t have to be a tragic event


We recently finished a Bible study called 33 Series – Volume 4 A Man and His Traps created by AuthenticManhood.com.

This study shows us how men are created and all have idols that can fall into 3 categories – Significance, Comfort, and Control.

When you really dive deep into the study, you realize quickly how we’re all broken.

It doesn’t have to be a tragic event, but it does take God to open our eyes to things in our lives we have allowed to be an idol.

I have traps in all 3 categories, and that was a breaking eye opener to realize you’re broken in so many ways.


The Good News



We aren’t alone. We may feel like it a lot of times, but we aren’t alone.

There are other men out there who know they have these traps, even if they don’t know what they really are, but they also think they’re all alone in the struggle.

That’s something I had to come to realize. Not that I thought every other guy out there was perfect or didn’t have any issues, but I had to realize I’m not the only one struggling with these same traps.

Different guys struggle with different traps that comfort them, provide them significance, or show they control something. The good news is we are all in this together, and we can be there to talk about it and provide that support with each other.


 The Great News

Christ has healed us, and He is in charge!

One of the most freeing things we must remember is we aren’t in charge of anything. We were born broken and without Christ we’ll remain broken.

But we don’t have to remain broken. God sent His Son to die on the cross to heal and mend our brokenness. Even if we aren’t alone in this world, physically, we will ALWAYS have Christ there right by our side and often times even carrying us along this broken world.

He is in charge and will always be in charge. This statement alone makes living a broken life so much easier. I can’t do it alone, I shouldn’t even be trying to do it alone. God has placed people in this world to help me, and He’s sent His Holy Spirit to guide me. There is no reason we should ever be attempting to walk alone in this life.

Christ always is, always will be, and always has been there for us. All we have to do is ask Him to be there. All we have to do is swallow our selfish pride and ask Him to show His power in our lives.

The greatest news of all time and ever will be that Christ died for our sins so that our sins will be forgiven through His blood. He doesn’t want us to live a broken life, He wants us to live a fulfilled life. Not tangled up with traps and snares but free to live and have a Joy filled life.



God Bless, and live a full life in Him!


Parker Waldrop

Parker Waldrop has taken every opportunity in his career to train & develop others. With over 15 years of training & development experience, he has trained hundreds of employees, leaders, and students in a variety of areas of expertise. With a heart to please God, Parker has found his calling of helping develop others and help them follow their passion.