Hi, I’m Parker. Everyone has a story, and I’m no different. I accepted God’s calling for my life when I was 14 to be in some kind of ministry, but we don’t always follow through with what we know is God’s will for our lives, do we? I was your typical teenager and young adult, making mistakes and ignoring His calling in my life. I won’t go into details, but I was the guy who put on a good front while knowing my real self was not being true to the world.

Later in life, God led me on a path which led me out of state, to a metroplex, and back home, where I wed my amazing wife Wendy and God blessed us with 4 awesome kids (ALL under 5 – Don’t think God doesn’t have a sense of humor!)

I was your typical husband and father to my family. I went to work, I came home, I saw everyone in passing and I shut down at the end of the day. To be honest, I’m still trying to get out the habit of shutting down at the end of the day. But, I started reading books, I started listening to podcasts, I started to make an intentional effort to improve my spiritual life, my marriage, my relationships with my kids, my attitude towards work, and myself. What I found was all of these things are connected, no matter how hard we try to separate each one from the other. They’re ALL connected!

One other thing God showed me while viewing all of this was the amount of reach I had to do to find this information. I had to look for the specific information for someone like me – a Christian Male. That is when God gave me the vision to start this website. I truly believe we need to do a better job of reaching the men in our communities and being able to provide them the resources and training to follow Christ in leadership of our families, our work, and our churches.



Why We Are Here

You. I believe God placed a want to be great inside every single person. Men, we are called to be leaders. We are called to do the work for God as a leader in our home, church, and work.

This blog really isn’t for me but you. I want to provide you all the information I have learned as I continue to grow in my walk with God. I write to men on leadership, finances, marriage, parenting, work, and church. Occasionally, I may throw in a post or two that doesn’t fit in one of these categories such as my thoughts on a world event, but I promise I will be intentional in tying in a growth lesson in everything I write.

Are you feeling challenged? Most men aren’t challenged anymore. In fact, most men are challenged so little, they have become passive and don’t even know how to act when challenged. My goal for this blog is to help you learn to stand up, be courageous and bold when those times happen.



Stay Up-To-Date

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I want to create a community because we’re not designed to go at life alone. A community of men who are willing to stand with and for God because in today’s culture, that is something we have lost. I have a small community on Facebook, if you’d like to join, please request to join here.

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