If you know me at all, you know I’m in no way perfect. Stop laughing! Seriously though, I sometimes play like I am, but I’m just having fun usually. I have my flaws – in my career, in parenting, and in this case, my marriage.
Ask my wife, go on, she’s on Facebook like the rest of the world, feel free to ask her, I’ll wait.
She won’t say I’m a terrible husband, I hope, but she would say I have my days when I’m just not her favorite person.

I have recently, in the last year or so, developed a passion for learning and reading. I especially love to help new authors launch their books. This is a great way to be on the inside of some amazing books before they ever even hit the shelves.
The most recent book I was honored to have the privilege of reading was The 7 Rings of Marriage by a very talented, Jackie Bledsoe.

The 7 Rings of Marriage isn’t your typical book

No. This book is extraordinarily filled with what I could only describe as God-given wisdom.

Jackie lays out 7 different seasons in our lives of marriage (and even pre-marriage) in which he has personally experienced each one. He doesn’t just give you his own stories, but he also provides you with solid, time-tested ways to continue building your marriage based on a solid foundation.

Incredible writing kept me reading and writing!

The dynamic story telling mixed with idea after idea after idea of what seems to be experienced wisdom will keep you continually engaged and turning the pages.

One thing I do, when I read, is try to take notes. I have had several books which were decent books, but I just couldn’t pin point good “aha” moments to write down. Great story tellers such as Andy Andrews have written some of the best books I’ve ever read, but because of them being in story format, they make it hard for me to take good notes. My brain just doesn’t function like that.

This is by-far not the case with Jackie’s 7 Rings of Marriage. This book, while not very long, took me a lot longer to read than most others due to not being able to put down my pen! He fills the pages with list after list of things we can do to help improve our marriage – for ways to celebrate your marriage, restore your marriage, share your marriage, and so much more!

This is the right book for ANY couple.

I can’t say enough about this book, and I want you to be able to read this content as well. The book launched yesterday, February 1st 2016. I highly encourage you to go pick yours up from your favorite retailer today. I’ve even included a direct link to Jackie’s website for you if you like to shop online and get special bonus items (limited time). Don’t hesitate!

  • If you want to build a strong foundation for your marriage (even if your single – for your future marriage), this is your book.
  • If you need to restore your marriage, this is the book for you.
  • If you need to share your marriage, and get the joys out of leading other couples down this great road of life together, this book helps take you down that path.

More to come!

Stay tuned, as in the next few weeks, I will be bringing you a few of my key takeaways along with my perception of the topics discussed throughout this book. As a leader of my home, I would be amiss if I didn’t put these in action today with my wife in our marriage.

God bless and happy marriages!

7 Rings Of Marriage-Banner
For your very own copy of the book and a limited time special offer from Jackie, please visit Jackie Bledsoe’s site – www.jackiebledsoe.com/7rings/

Parker Waldrop

Parker Waldrop has taken every opportunity in his career to train & develop others. With over 15 years of training & development experience, he has trained hundreds of employees, leaders, and students in a variety of areas of expertise. With a heart to please God, Parker has found his calling of helping develop others and help them follow their passion.